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Big Hospital Finally telling the truth about Cancer, Johns Hopkins

The truth about Cancer fromJohns Hopkins http://wp.me/p3FwGz-1cg via @WausauNewsOrg


#BPA induce epigenetic transgenerational Inheritance of Obesity and reproductive Disease, by @PLOS

#HumpdayShift 2/1 | Shake it up, shake it off, and keep it movin!


All of the shopping, eating, fighting, covering, and other disguises only cover the things you are unhappy about for a moment. When the bill comes, weight is gained, feelings are hurt, deadlines missed, etc., then the real issues look even bigger.

Sooo, how’s about we dig in and fix them once and for all? Easier said than done you shout? Well forget it then. Just try these 15 things randomly over the next 15 days. You will see a change, I don’t care who you are and what your issues are:

1. Sharing.
2. Eating healthy.
3. Being active.
4. Being fair.
5. Telling the truth.
6. Being genuine.
7. Celebrating others.
8. Being grateful.
9. Speaking positive.
10. Exercising moderation.
11. Loving inward and outward.
12. Pursuing goals.
13. Accepting responsibility and avoiding blame.
14. Accountability for your actions.
15. Teamwork in all areas of life.

Don’t forget to share your results and do the #HumpdayShift if you need a boost.

Being in shape is not just about working out.

Being in shape is not just about working out.

The first rule to #LivingSugarFree is “No negative self talk.”
The second is don’t quit!

Eat, drink, and move something.


Tips to staying fit.

Steps and ingredients to a healthier more energetic and balanced day.

Three things everyone has access to: water, food and movement.

What else can you do now to see immediate improvement in your emotional and physical health? Are you confessing negative statements or eating things that affect your mood?

The Guide To Candida

The Guide To Candida

If you need a nudge to try #LivingSugarFree. Here is a ‘A Visual Guide To Candida’ (Infographic) from CandidaStore.com

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